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Georgia officer hit by train while chasing down suspect out of hospital

Also, the suspect is now in custody.

POLK COUNTY, Ga. — The Polk County officer hit by a train as he was tracking down a fleeing suspect is out of the hospital.

NBC News confirmed with Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd that Officer Andy Anderson was released from the hospital on Sunday.

According to police, Anderson came across an 18-year-old suspect last Tuesday believed to have broken into a Rockmart home - stealing a guitar and TV. 

Anderson chased the suspect, identified as Jayden Moats, but apparently did not realize how close he was to an approaching train as Moats fled across the tracks.  

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Credit: Polk County Police Department

Anderson was clipped by the train, which resulted in five broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion. 

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Dramatic bodycam video showed the moment Anderson was hit.

During the chase, the suspect got away. However, NBC was also able to confirm that Moats was arrested on Monday. 


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