ATLANTA -- An Atlanta Police Officer is recovering after he was shot in the vest while trying to arrest a suspected prowler Saturday.

That officer opened fire striking the suspect twice and a second man was also arrested.

At around 3:30 p.m., a woman called 911 because a man was trying to get into her apartment.

When police arrived, one of the suspects opened fire then ran away.

The officer was shot in the abdomen area but was wearing a bulletproof vest. He was taken to Grady Hospital and treated for bruising, but is expected to recover. Officials are not releasing his identity at this time.

For Babidiye Robinson and her family, these frantic moments turned a quiet day into chaos.

"The wheels were screeching all the way down (the garage). We couldn't figure out what was going on," she said.

At the pool, Joe Vickers and his friends heard the tires squealing as well. They ducked for cover but recorded audio from the incident.

Photos from the scene

What no one knew at the time was that an officer had been shot.

"The suspect exited the apartment and fired upon the officer and striking him in his bullet resistant vest," officials said. "The officer returned fire and struck him, we believe, at least twice."

The injured suspect and his alleged accomplice fled the scene. Police caught up with them soon after and arrested Michael Thomas and Antonio Bell as they hid behind a shed.

Suspects' car
Suspects' car

Police said they recovered the gun they believe was used to shoot the officer in a dumpster across the street from where Thomas and Bell were arrested.

Both have been charged with Aggravated Assault against a Police Officer, Aggravated Battery against a Police Officer, 1st Degree Home Invasion and more. Thomas was recovering in the hospital while Bell is being held at the Fulton County Jail.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now assisting in the investigation.

USA TODAY's Alyssa Marino caught video of dozens of police cruisers and other emergency vehicles traveling through the area just before 11Alive confirmed the shooting with the Atlanta Police Department.