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Here are the changes to Atlanta's six zones

Atlanta Police recently announced changes to the six police zones to ensure better response times.

ATLANTA — In Atlanta, reppin’ your zone is like a badge of honor, with many people loyal to the specific area in Atlanta they’re from.

The six zones are a hot topic in Atlanta’s hip-hop music. Gucci Mane is from Zone 6 and T.I. is from Zone 1. The list goes on and on.

But for Atlanta police, the zones have a different significance.

APD breaks down the city into zones to allocate resources with patrol units, giving police a system to fight crime in a manageable way.

Now there are changes to zones because of several reasons like economic growth, population, traffic and calls for service.

Here are the changes. If you live in English Avenue neighborhood, which is considered Zone 1, you’re now in Zone 5. The change impacts the area east of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard and north of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, including portions of west midtown.

If you’re in the southwest border of Zone 2, you’re now in Zone 1. The impact is in the following neighborhoods – Riverside, Bolton, Blandtown, Whittier Mill Village and Hills Park.

East Midtown’s Garden District will go from Zone 5 to Zone 6. It’s just south of Piedmont Park and West of the beltline.

The last major change impacts the Morningside and Piedmont Heights neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods will no longer be considered Zone 2. It is now Zone 6. This is including Cheshire Bridge Road on the northern border.

The changes are currently in effect. 


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