ATLANTA — The Taste of Southwest Atlanta festival will be held on Saturday June 29th in the Greenbriar Mall parking lot.

Community organizers said the event is meant to change the narrative of the area that’s often associated with crime. This is their way of organizing something positive that brings residents together in an empowering way.

Domonique Huff and Harold Hardnett started planning the event with a team of people.

“We understand that we have our problems just like every other community has their problems,” Huff said in response to changing how the southwest is portrayed.

Hardnett said he’s from the area and has always wanted to promote its vibrant history.

“This is something positive that enlightens the people in our community,” he said.

The free community festival hopes to attract a variety of restaurants, businesses and entertainment. Huff said southwest Atlanta is an untapped market with residents craving more food options. Hardnett agreed.

“I’ve seen Campbellton road and southwest Atlanta when it was full and vibrant…and I’ve seen it come down and now I want it to get back up where it used to be,” Hardnett said.

They’re hoping the community initiative continues every year. The Facebook event for Taste of Southwest Atlanta has thousands of people interested in attending and hundreds confirmed to attend.

More information provided here.


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