Every detail, every effort made to make them feel special, makes them feel further from the reason they are at Children's.

“This is the dress I picked out,” points out 17-year-old Tamesha Simmons.

The last time Simmons could walk - she was just 8 years old.

“I was nervous at first and scared to come ... I was anxious being around a lot of people," she described. 

Simmons and other patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta have all faced a lot of fears and been through a lot. It's why a special prom for the patients exists.

"It is breathtaking, it’s amazing it’s beautiful," explained one of Children's 15-year-old patients, Isabella. "You start looking and you can’t stop."

Tori, 16, agrees. 

"It feels good to roam around and not be in the hospital," the teen said. "Like a miracle, it was so nice."

For one volunteer, seeing the smiles on the patients is all that matters. 

"These children come through that door, they have smiles, they forget that they are sick for a minute," Carrey explained. "So, it is worth everything."

When Simmons worked up the courage to go to the dance floor, she walked - for the first time since 8 years old - on her new prosthetic legs. 

"This was the first time my mom saw me, and she was really happy," Simmons explained. "I was proud."

Carrey explained the parents light up. It’s the first time they see their kids smile in a year. 

"The sparkle comes from here from their heart and they are so appreciative," Carrey said. 

"We want this to be something spectacular for them that they remember for the rest of their lives," Carrey concluded.