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Greater Atlanta Christian ready for Can-a-Thon!

It's a busy day Greater Atlanta Christian School.

It's a busy day Greater Atlanta Christian School.

AmirShareef: "We made posters, we talked about it a lot for at least one or two weeks, we made song, we recorded a song, did editing on it. We really tried to go in on this."

Students have been preparing for the 11Alive Holiday Canathon, bringing in all kinds of food to fill Salvation Army pantries all over the Metro Atlanta.

"I think that it's good that we're all putting in so much effort, because we are already so blessed to have this school and to have food we can go home to, and we should give back,” Jack Schoenrock said.

It's something they do every year. Rhonda Helms, Principal of the Lower School, says it's all part of the school's efforts all year round.

"It's a blessing for me to see our students think outside themselves,” Helms said. “That's our goal here, to have a servants heart and to think beyond what we do in our own homes and in our own school to what can we do for others outside of that."

For the students, it's something they look forward to.

"It makes me joyful, because you're feeding the less fortunate that can't afford to get food,’ said Nicholas Nandlal.

MarenJacquet added, "We need to help people in need who don't have food everyday and we are blessed with so much food and variety and we just wanna help other people who don't have that."

And if anyone who hasn't gotten in on the 11Alive Holiday Can-a-thon action yet, the students have one message.

"Bring cans!"

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