ATLANTA -- Thousands of people are flooding the comments section of a video posted by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the reason will make you say "aw".

Megan, who is a nurse at Children's, was reuniting with an 8-year-old girl she had saved from drowning at a pool. According to the post, 8-year-old Jaleah was on a float when she suddenly fell into the water. Her dad jumped into the pool to get her out. But, when he finally did, something wasn't quite right.

Jaleah was not moving and she had foam coming out of her mouth. Megan saw Jaleah's father carrying her out of the pool and sprung into action.

She ran over and performed CPR and, after three rounds, Jaleah was able to gasp for air. She was taken to Egleston where she made a full recovery.

Megan reunited with Jaleah to go out for ice cream. The video shows Megan walking over to Jaleah's family and hugging every member, including Jaleah.