ATLANTA — It's the season when a lot of parents are checking to make sure their kids wash their hands and cover their coughs, trying to avoid the flu.

But Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is warning people about another virus that's common this time of year: RSV. It stands for respiratory syncytial virus, and it makes it hard for children to breathe. 

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Children's says it is seeing more cases of the virus in young children and infants this time of year. Take a look at this video the hospital shared on Facebook to show parents what the virus can sound like: 

That's Kaylan. She was 6-months-old when this video was taken. Her twin sister was in the hospital being treated for RSV, and when her dad sent this video, a Children's nurse told him to bring her in right away. 

Children's is telling families to look out for symptoms, like the ones in that video, including: 

  • Fast breathing
  • Are your child's nostrils are flaring out when they breathe?
  • If they're really young, they may stop breathing for a short period of time
  • Finally, a sign parents might not think to watch for, dehydration. 

If you see any of these symptoms, you should take your child to a doctor. But, you can also help at home by using saline drops or bulb suction.

Visit Children's website for more information about RSV.


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