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They were homeless, then had a baby. Then Grandma tracked them down.

It's a story about searching and the undying love of family.

It can feel like a blur.

Our days move fast. The world moves fast ... so fast it can make the most hopeful question require a search for an answer.

But not for Endia Higgins.

"I saw that sign that said, 'What's your untold story?' and I knew."

We set up a table and chairs in downtown Decatur with a sign asking, "What's your untold story about kind gestures?" Higgins and her boyfriend Cory spied the sign for a while, then came over with their three-month-old son, Cory the 3rd ... or, as they call him, C3.

"We didn't tell any friends about it," Higgins said, "and my family really doesn't know that we're homeless and have no place to stay, and we've been going from place to place."

The couple had been between jobs and hadn't asked for help. But when C3 arrived, help found them.

"His mother helped us out," said Higgins, pointing at Cory. "When we were going place to place, she actually called around for us. She didn't want us going place to place, out in the cold, especially with a baby. She's given us a place to stay and is helping us until we get what we need."

The baby's grandmother is Lisa White. She reached out to provide all three with a roof.

"This is our first child," Higgins said, "so it's kind of hard, but she's helping us a lot."

For more untold stories of kind gestures, check out the video above. And if you know of a great untold story in metro Atlanta, e-mail Matt Pearl at mpearl@11alive.com.

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