ATLANTA — The nation’s unemployment rate has been dropping for more than a decade, but those who can’t find a job might be able to blame their footwear.

On this Labor Day, 11Alive’s Why Guy explains why brown shoes are not a good idea at a job interview.

There used to be an old saying that said, “no brown in town,” meaning you don’t wear brown shoes with a formal outfit.

That rule has gone the way of hobnail boots.

But when it comes to a job interview, you’ve got to be careful.

“They will look you up and down head to toe,” says Braylon Gorman, a fashion instructor at the Art Institute of Atlanta. “They can tell a lot about a person from the shoe they wear.”

Gorman says potential employers could view brown shoes as a sign that you’re not taking the interview seriously.

“They may look at brown as being just a little bit too casual for their environment and that could cost you the job,” says Gorman.

It really depends on the job and the work environment. Before going to an interview, study up on the people who are hiring.

“If you wake up and have to question yourself, keep it safe,” says Gorman. “A simple black suit or blue suit and shoe always black.”

Gorman says once you get the job and get to know your bosses, then you can break out the brown shoes.


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