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Why is Hartsfield-Jackson the world's busiest airport?

Holiday air travel is expected to be busier than any time in the past five years.

ATLANTA – Experts are projecting that air travel this holiday season will be at its busiest level in five years, which likely means a heavy crowd at the world’s busiest airport.

For the past twenty years, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had held the title of Busiest in the World.


First, there’s geography.

From Atlanta, you can reach 80-percent of the US population by plane in two hours or less.

“(Hartsfield-Jackson) has the advantage of being the only major airport within 300 miles that can get passengers basically anywhere domestically via a direct flight,” says airport spokesperson Alnissa Ruiz-Craig.

The folks at Hartsfield-Jackson point to the region’s booming economy as a driving force behind demand for air travel.

“The airport sits in a city that is the ninth largest metro area in the nation, and a southeast region that could be called the fifth largest economy if it was a country on its own,” says Ruiz-Craig.

And then, there’s Delta Airlines.

Delta moved its operations to Atlanta in 1941. It is consistently one of the busiest airlines in the world, with more than 180-million passengers each year.

It’s important to note that cities like New York and Chicago have more than one airport…while air travel here is focused on Hartsfield-Jackson.


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