ATLANTA — ATLANTA – Harry and Meghan have started their final round of public engagements as a part of their royal duties as some wonder why there is still a British monarchy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in the UK on Thursday for their first official appearance since announcing they’re stepping away from their royal roles.

The reaction includes a question from an 11Alive viewer who wondered why Britain still clings to the tradition of a monarchy.

The Royal family is Britain’s version of the bald eagle.

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled longer than any Monarch in British history.

Hundreds of years ago, British Kings and Queens ruled with absolute power, but no more.

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Britain now has what’s known as a “Constitutional Monarchy.” Parliament makes all of the political decisions while the Queen is a symbolic Head of State.

Dan Gorman, the British historian at the University of Waterloo, says Queen Elizabeth and her royal family are not only symbols of the country, they’re celebrities along the lines of actors, musicians, and athletes in the United States. The British people take great interest in their lives. That’s why the British media is guaranteed access to many events involving the royals, which is part of the reason for Harry and Megan’s withdrawal.

A recent poll revealed that 80% of the Brits responding had a favorable opinion of the queen. Another poll revealed 76% of Britain favors keeping the monarchy.

While British taxpayers help care for the royals, the family does attract tourists to the UK. There are estimates that tourists spent more than a billion dollars while visiting London for Harry and Megan’s wedding.

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