A man was found dead on a roof in Snellville following an apparent burglary attempt that police have described as "odd."

According to Gwinnett County police, a homeowner shot and killed an intruder shortly before 4 a.m. Friday at the 3500 block of Hadley Place in Snellville.

The incident began when the husband and wife awoke to sounds coming from their master bathroom and the man found the intruder climbing through a window. The suspect used a ladder to gain access to the house.

Police say the man, identified by his stepson as Willie Wofford, fired a single shot that killed the intruder - later identified as 25-year-old Michael Silva of Snellville.

"My stepfather wanted to make sure that he was protecting his wife and also protecting himself," Wofford's stepson Michael Cargill said. "The last thing he ever wanted to do was to take someone's life. So this is a very traumatic situation for them and they're just trying to grasp hold of what's going on."

Both the husband and wife were taken to police headquarters for questioning. They have since been released and will not face any charges.

Police said the suspect lived less than a half mile from the incident location.