PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- One metro police department is getting creative to catch a suspected shoplifter.

Peachtree City Police said a woman has stolen from a local boutique multiple times and cameras caught her in the act. Video of a woman seen putting bracelets from a local boutique in her bag and leaving without paying for them got special treatment by Peachtree City Police.

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The department posted a video labeling a woman a "Grinch" after the multiple incidents. Police said it reminded officers of the popular Dr. Seuss book How the Grinch Stole Christmas so they put her picture and video to music.

When police reviewed the footage, they saw her taking some bracelets from one of the racks. With a Louis Vuitton for her Santa bag in tow – the woman in the unique shirt put on quite a show.

"She had a Whoville outfit on so it worked out good," investigating Officer Taylor Collins said.

But she wasn't in Whoville -- she was at One Magnolia Lane – a boutique in Peachtree City. The bracelets seen in the video are worth about $130 a piece.

The boutique employees recognized her from earlier this month when she allegedly caused a disturbance.

"Essentially she picked up some items and tried to say they were on sale when they actually weren't and when they weren't on sale she got mad and stormed out of the store," Collins said. "(she) then came back in another day and kind of did the same thing."

So they put together this video to try and learn her name, with a Christmas twist to give it a little fame. It's already been shared hundreds of time.

He said the department likes to involve the community.

"I guess the Christmas season people try and take advantage of people, especially around here the kindness we are pretty safe community people try and take advantage but we try and put a stop to that," Collins said.

Now police know who she is and apparently, she's well known, "I received two tips actually. The first tip I received was from an anonymous citizen he recognized her. The second tip was from an actual chief of police from another local department," Collins said.

"It's the only case in our area where she's been involved. She's known through some other local departments for some other things."

Police identified her as Lisa Mattox. They took out a warrant for arrest and on Tuesday, she was arrested and booked into the Fayette County Jail.

Lisa Mattox mug shot
Lisa Mattox mug shot

As for Magnolia Lane, they posted her picture right on the front door. A clear message she's not welcome here anymore.