ATLANTA -- A dashcam video out of Peachtree City is getting a lot of attention for what it was – and what it wasn’t.

The video, simply titled “Dash Cam of Major Drug Arrest in Peachtree City,” and posted by the city police department on Friday shows an alleged traffic stop of a white Ford pickup truck.

The officer begins asking several questions, adding that he pulled the truck over because a decal was obstructing the tag and the fact that they had “a little history on the truck” after a previous stop.

“Have you ever been stopped before in this truck,” the officer asks. “Do you have any siblings? Do you ever let friends drive the truck?”

The driver can be heard answering the questions before he and a young girl are asked to get out. The officer’s questions continue at this point as he asks permission to search the vehicle. After returning from the truck, the officer gives him one more chance to come clean.

“If you lie to me, I run out of options, alright,” the officer says. “You work with me, I’ve done this a thousand times, I can normally work with folks but the thing I can’t work with is dishonesty.”

When the driver refuses to provide any further information, the officer places him in handcuffs as the girl stands to the side watching – a look of confusion spreading across her face.

The officer comes back with bags of what he claims appears to be marijuana. Both the passenger and driver continue to deny that the alleged drug belongs to them.

Finally, he hands a bag containing a small slip of paper to the girl and the story begins to unravel.

“Does that look like weed to you?” he asks.

At first she looks concerned and then a large smile crosses her face.

“Oh my God, this is not funny,” she says laughing, the driver still in handcuffs.

The video cuts to the driver, now out of handcuffs, walking toward the dashcam with a poster board. He turns it around to show the words “PROM? SAY YES or you're UNDER ARREST”

Authorities said both families agreed to have the video posted – a fairly elaborate promposal that began as something very different. The video goes on to say she eventually said yes and no charges were filed.