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Plain clothes detectives shoot, kill man after approaching him in parking lot

A man is dead and an investigation is underway after an encounter at the Atlanta Public safety Annex.

ATLANTA -- A man is dead and an investigation is underway after an encounter at the Atlanta Public Safety Annex.

According to police, the shooting happened around 7:45 Thursday evening after plain clothes officers approached a vehicle they said had the aroma of marijuana emitting from it. APD said the officers started a conversation with the man inside.

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"During the conversation, the male lunged back into the vehicle and attempted to flee," police said in a statement.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the incident, said one of the plain clothes detectives was "partially in the passenger side of the vehicle" when the driver tried to leave.

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That detective shot the man who was pronounced dead on the scene. The GBI said there is no dashcam or bodycam available from the encounter. There is a surveillance video that is not being released at this time.

Neither of the officers were injured. Friday afternoon, the GBI identified the man shot and killed as 24-year-old Deaundre Phillips.

Atlanta police did said it was determined he had active warrants from Fulton County and was affiliated with the Rolling 60s Crips gang. It is unclear if this determination was made before or after the man was dead.

Atlanta police also said he had a "lengthy" criminal history and a firearm was reportedly visible on the floorboard of the passenger side of the vehicle. Police have not said the man actually reached for the gun, just that he was attempting to drive out of the parking lot.

The investigation is ongoing and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday.