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Police: Gilmer High School student stop by alleged police impersonator

Gilmer County Sheriff's Deputies are warning drivers to be on alert for a fake police officer.

GILMER COUNTY, Ga. — Gilmer County Sheriff's deputies are warning drivers to be on alert for what they say is a fake police officer.

On Saturday, the driver, a Gilmer High School student, told police she was stopped by a police officer on Highway 52 between the entrance to the jail and the animal shelter as she drove east away from Ellijay.

She reported she had been in Atlanta for a Gilmer High School senior trip to Zoo Atlanta and an Atlanta Braves game, and the bus of students had just arrived back to school around 1:50 a.m.

The student told police she had gotten into her 2006 Nissan Maxima around 2 a.m. to head straight home. She said she didn't notice the car driving behind her until the emergency lights activated. That's when she saw the car's headlight were off.

The high school student said the supposed officer asked if he knew why she was pulled over. She stated didn't know, and he told her she was driving 50 mph and had her low beams on. The deputy taking the report noted the speed limit in the area where the student was stopped is 55 mph.

She said the officer told her "obviously you are not drunk," and went back to his car. When he came back he told her he had the wrong person, and went back to his vehicle, made a U-turn and drove in the opposite direction.

The student described the officer as a white male with blue eyes who had a 5 o'clock shadow, as if he was trying to grow out a goatee.

Gilmer Sheriff's deputies said they had no record of this traffic stop. Now, they have started an investigation to try and track down the police impersonator who was driving an unmarked car. The student told deputies she was not harmed during the stop.

The Gilmer County Sheriff's Office wanted to remind drivers to turn on their hazard lights and proceed to a well-lit area if they are being stopped by an unmarked vehicle. Also, ask to person to see their badge, or just call 911 if you are still uneasy.

If anyone has any information regarding the unmarked car over the weekend, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 706-635-4646 or the non-emergency number to Dispatch at 706-635-8911.