SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – Police have a charged a mother accused of leaving a toddler inside a car while she took an exam.

This happened on August 2 at around 8:30 a.m. Sandy Springs police responded to a call about a juvenile left inside of a vehicle at Chamberlain School of Nursing located at 5775 Peachtree Dunwoody Road.

Police say campus security was advised by a man that a child was seen strapped to a car seat in the vehicle crying for 15 minutes.

The temperature was 74 degrees when the officer saw the 18-month old boy in the car. According to a police report, the child, who appeared to be OK, was wearing only pajamas, “but was very alert”.

The report also states the vehicle was unlocked with keys in the ignition and the car’s air conditioning was on. The child was taken inside the school to safety.

Police eventually discovered the driver was 19-year-old Destyni Triplett. The woman told police that she left her son in the car after her neighbor could not babysit him.

Triplett was arrested at the school and charged with reckless conduct.

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Triplett did not appear to have a problem with leaving her child in the car, according to a police report. Her son was then taken to a hospital to be evaluated before the boy's father took custody.