Athens-Clarke County Police are questioning a student who allegedly made threats to shoot up Cedar Shoals High School.

The school is located at 1300 Cedar Shoals Drive.

According to police, a parent told officers on Tuesday afternoon that her child had heard threats to "shoot up the school."

The officer met with the student, who gave them the name of another student who allegedly heard the threat. That student gave the officer a description of the person who allegedly made the threat to "pull a white boy and shoot up the school" along with a rough idea of the where the threat was made and who the student was speaking to.

Officers said they were able to identify the student who allegedly made the threat. They met with that student's father on Tuesday night, but weren't able to talk to him then.

On Wednesday morning, the father brought his son to meet with the investigating officers. The student admitted to making the threat, but said that he wasn't serious about it, police said. The threat stemmed from a recent break-up, according to police.

Clarke-County police said there was not enough probable cause for a criminal charge, and that school officials would handle the student's discipline. The student has been removed from the school "for the time being," according to police.

The Clark County School District released the following statement:

Cedar Shoals High School experienced an incident involving allegations of a planned shooting on the school campus. Upon talking with administration, the student expressed deep remorse for the statement. While the student indicated that there was no plan to adversely harm anyone, the school district takes situations like this very seriously. We are pleased that the situation was resolved quickly and did not disturb instruction or affect the safety of our students and school.

To help ensure our schools remain safe, the Clarke County School District worked with police officers to follow existing policies and procedures in quickly responding to this alleged threat.

The recent incident represents teachable moments for our students. We recognize that children may not always understand the consequences of their actions. Therefore, we ask all parents to speak with their children about the serious nature of making any threat pertaining to the safety or security of our schools, our students and our staff.

We are confident that by working together, we will continue to keep the Clarke County School District safe for all. Thank you for your continued support.