ATLANTA - Police have released video of a man they believe fatally shot a woman in a crosswalk on Peachtree Street at Peachtree Place in Midtown Atlanta Monday morning. 

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed the woman was shot at 1180 W. Peachtree Street, NE, at Peachtree Place at about 7:30 a.m.

A witness told 11Alive News he heard three shots and saw the woman fall to the ground. 

"Three shots rang out, (I) turned around and I seen this lady drop," witness Tony Booker said. "And a man puts up a gun and takes off running. He just ran off." 

He said the woman was holding her lunch bag, gym bag and purse at the time of the shooting. Witnesses performed CPR until medical emergency responders arrived.

Photos | Woman killed in Peachtree shooting

The victim was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where she died. The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office identified the woman as 40-year-old Trinh Huynh.  She is an Atlanta attorney.

Police said Huynh was walking across Peachtree Street when she was shot several times. 

"The victim was possibly walking toward MARTA," said Atlanta Police Lt. Ricardo Vazquez.  Lt. Vazquez said surveillance video recorded the entire attack, showing the man walking up behind Huynh, saying nothing to her, ignoring someone else in the crosswalk, and shooting Huynh in the back.  He then turned and ran and walked back the way he came, toward Juniper St.

Police said based on video that they've seen, investigators believe the woman was specifically targeted by the gunman.

The assailant was either a white or Hispanic male, about 6-feet tall, wearing a black top and dark blue shorts.

The man was last seen on 8th Street at Juniper.

Trinh Huyhn’s on-line bio says she graduated from Princeton and Emory Law School.

On her Facebook page, she writes of how she was born in post-war Vietnam, in May of 1976.  Her family escaped by boat in 1979, and eventually made it to the United States.  In November, 2015, Huyhn wrote, “I am proud of my refugee status.  I am thankful for the opportunities this wonderful country has afforded me and my family.  I would not be here if the State of Georgia had closed their doors and hearts to my family.  I think this great state and the U.S. have more love to give.”

Her sister wrote on her own Facebook page about “my beautiful, smart, hilarious sister… shot on the way to work…. There is a void in the world, now, where my role model and inspiration used to be.”

Police were not saying if they have any leads that may help them find out why anyone would have targeted Trinh Huynh, but they are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the video to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Department -- fast.