ATLANTA — Spots of bright paint are popping up around Atlanta as part of a "paintball gun war."

But what started out as a something positive, residents said is now terrorizing them and damaging their property. Now, Atlanta Police say that if you're caught participating, you will go to jail.

11Alive spoke with police and residents about why they want it to end, before someone ends up getting hurt.

Jarrell Pealer is one of those residents that is fed up with what's going on. He pointed out yellow paint splatter left behind on his window. It's one casualty from a paintball war waging outside his home about a week ago.

"They actually were walking around like snipers, had the head gear on, the uniforms, the whole nine yards," Pealer described. "You figure they're just playing and then you hear totototo."

The exchange of paintball rounds is part of something bigger.

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has been seen on social media across the metro, playing along. And a quick search on Instagram shows nearly 4,000 posts. One post says the war is really to spread peace throughout the city, to bring the community together as one by replacing real guns with the fake ones.

While police said they "appreciate the sentiment behind wanting to do positive things," police spokesman Carlos Campos said, "city streets are not the venue."

The bottom line, it's illegal and could carry some serious consequences.

"If they hit somebody in the face or eye with one of these guns they could be facing some serious charges," Campos said.

So far, Atlanta Police said they have gotten 18 complaints so far this year. The majority in the last two weeks. Four people were arrested, their cars towed and their guns confiscated.