It’s day four since the ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta and many of its computer systems are still shut down.

The cyber criminals are demanding $51,000 to unlock the system, and one security expert believes the public deserves more answers.

"It’s tough to say where we are because the city of Atlanta is not being very forthcoming," said Andy Green, a lecturer of information and security at Kennesaw State University, adding the city’s silence is very concerning.

"We don't know if they are actually fighting the infection,” Green said. “We don't know if they're in recovery mode."

Early Thursday morning, the city learned ransomware had taken control of some of its systems. Employees were ordered to immediately shut down and unplug their work computers.

"This is certainly a very serious issue that is facing the city of Atlanta," said Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. The city has not paid the ransom as of yet, and Green said the public needs to know what the city of Atlanta is doing.

"Such as the number of systems currently infected, number of servers currently infected, number of personnel currently working on the issue,” Green said. “They just haven't shared any details at all."

On Thursday, the mayor assured the public, employees and retirees their personal information wasn’t targeted, but there’s been no word if that information has been compromised since then.

Green said usually cyber criminals will unlock the systems if payment is made, but he warns, be careful, as these criminals are ruthless.

"But if they're not sure how the bad actors got into the network then you run the real risk of paying and then turning right around in a few days and being subjected to the same type of attack again," Green said.


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