ATLANTA - A federal judge is holding off on a final bond decision for an Atlanta-based rapper pending more information in the case. But in the meantime, he's sitting in jail.

Ralo, 23, whose legal name is Terrell Davis, is facing two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

A federal affidavit also listed several others who, along with Davis, "knowingly and intentionally combined, conspired, confederated, agreed and had an understanding with each other to violate the law."

So many people were in the courtroom on Tuesday that people had to stand in the hallway to await an update.

During court proceedings, prosecutors argued that undercover officers bought drugs and weapons at the apartment complex that Ralo owns several units of. They also outlined the charges for three other associates connected to last week's raid, including "Kevin "K" Harp, William "Chaos" Rhodes and Brenton "OG" Mitchell.

The judge said paperwork showed the Ralo has an active probation in Fulton County and he can't make a decision on whether grant bond or not until he knows, in fact, that probation was suspended. That's actually what his attorney's claimed during the court appearance.

The federal affidavit stated that Ralo, in addition to being a rapper, is the leader of the criminal street gang “Famerica.” It stated that “at [Ralo’s] direction, gang members sell drugs and firearms and engage in other traditional gang activities.”

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Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but a rally for the rapper was held outside across the street from the courthouse. People came out to support the rapper who attorneys in the courtroom described as "an accomplished performer" who takes care of his family and community.

But the state used several of his Instagram posts as evidence against him. His attorneys countered that the posts of large amounts of money and guns were solely used as "props for music videos" and that a gun found in the home was registered to his mother.

It was also brought up in the courtroom that Ralo made a phone call from jail, since his arrest, telling someone he did not commit a real crime, that no one was killed and that investigators did not have a real case against him.

The state argued that if he received bond, he had the resources to run but his attorneys said that wouldn't happen because he didn't have a passport.

Judge Allen Baverman listed to both sides and said that once he gets clarity from Fulton County that Ralo's probation was, in fact, suspended, he'll consider reviewing the possibility of setting a bond for the rapper.

Judge Baverman said the paperwork that was in front of him did not reflect that the probation was suspended.

Famerica Records released the following statement to 11Alive:

Ralo will maintain his plea of not guilty to today’s charges. We ask for continued prayers and appreciate the outpouring of love from everyone family and friends included. Ralo will continue to work to be the best artist and entertainer and community leader that he is. We hope that he will soon be released to complete his current show schedule and get back to work with compliance to any restrictions implied.

11Alive spoke to Ralo's friends who are associated with his record label. They said the allegations of gang activity and drug possession are false and they're hoping he gets out soon.

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