There are many celebrations and surprises that come with the ringing in of a New Year. One of the biggest surprises is the birth of a new life, or in this case fifteen new puppy lives!

That is exactly how an All American Rescue Dog by the name of Molly brought in her New Year. For over 12 hours, with the aid of You Lucky Dog Rescue, she gave birth to fifteen healthy and adorable pups.

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Several videos documenting the ordeal were posted on the organization’s Facebook page. Beginning on New Year’s Eve around noon and leading all the way into the early hours of 2017 Molly gave birth to puppy after puppy.

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Molly was already pregnant with her puppies when she was recently rescued around Christmas from a community animal control shelter

According to the Dog Breed Info Center, the average litter size for a Pitbull is between five and ten puppies. Molly’s litter well exceeded that size.

After several questions from surprised viewers about what is to come for Molly and her large litter of pups You Lucky Dog Rescue commented “Once her pups are weaned, she will be spayed. All the puppies will be altered as well.”

"Molly was surrendered by her "guardian" to a community animal control shelter already heavy with puppies. We are thankful that we were able to rescue her before she delivered at the shelter where the puppies could potentially be exposed to deadly diseases. And, we are grateful that this will be Molly's last contribution to the pet overpopulation crisis. At the appropriate time, all of the puppies will also be altered before being adopted into loving homes."

You Lucky Dog Rescue urged the public and volunteers to donate to help keep the new family happy and healthy. You can donate here. The organization's goal is to raise approximately $4,500 since each puppy will require $300 to help them with basic vetting and supplies.