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Residents complain of noise from music festival in another county

Noise from the Image Music Festival at the Atlanta Motor Speedway could reportedly be heard miles away in Fayetteville.

A music festival held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway over the weekend was heard several miles away in a neighboring county.

The Imagine Music Festival was held Aug. 26 to 28 at the complex located in Henry County.

Residents in Fayetteville complained throughout the three-day festival and said they heard music up until 3:00 a.m. each day.

Cathy Bonner said she's lived in Fayetteville for more than 31 years and said, "If you live two counties away and it would take you almost thirty minutes to drive there -- you shouldn't be able to hear the drums and bass pounding until 3 a.m. for three nights in a row."

Bonner lives 10 miles away from the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

She said she called police who said they were getting several complaints about the noise.

But the complaints about Imagine didn't stop at noise. Attendees took to social media to complain about conditions at the festival. Many complained about access to water, the lack of security outside of the showers and the general feel of disorganization.

11Alive reached out to the festival's organizers who offered a statement, calling the music festival a "success."

We want to thank those that attended Imagine Music Festival this weekend. We are grateful for the support we have had and appreciate the understanding of our fans, as we adjust to a new, larger venue. With a successful Imagine Music Festival completed, we realize there were certain opportunities and challenges facing us that will need to be immediately addressed and remedied.

While many of these issues are no different than those that face any outdoor festival, Imagine Music Festival holds itself to a higher standard and we are taking steps to ensure that these are not a part of the festival in 2017. Top of these is the fan concerns voiced through the festival website and social media pages. While certain claims have already been identified as not holding any validity, we take this very seriously and will be looking into to every claim individually.

In addition, they addressed the complaints about water and and the lack of security.

A spokesperson said an estimated 20,000 people attended each day of the festival.

For security, the spokesperson said there were 260 security team members and 70 Henry County Sheriff's officers, or 330 people total, as well as mounted patrol inside the campgrounds. With 20,000 people, that works out to roughly 60 people per law enforcement or security agent. In addition, there were also 32 EMS officials and four onsite ambulance and fire patrols.

As to what the festival did to provide relief from the weekend heat, the spokesperson said there were eight water stations with 16 taps each throughout the entire festival grounds, three misting stations, 10 shading structures and a 25-yard cooling pool.