SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — A City of South Fulton resident is calling on city leaders to get a better handle on an eye-sore right off the street.

William Washington contacted 11Alive about illegal dumping along the Spring Street corridor off of Washington Rd. near Roosevelt Hwy in the newly-incorporated city. Washington told 11Alive dumping ahs been a problem in the past, but residents expected better once South Fulton became its own city.

"(The) expectations were, with more local control, you have more direct accountability for things like this," Washington said. "It's quality of life. But it appears the more things change, the more they stay the same."

11Alive asked the City of South Fulton about the issue. They acknowledged dumping was a problem in that particular area, but said the tires only recently moved into view over the weekend. Officials said they were initially placed on a private property, by the owner, to keep vehicles from driving on to the property. However, someone moved the tires off the private property into the right-of-way in order to get onto the property to dump illegal materials.

The city said they're working with county staff to address the issue.

"During the transition of service over to the new City of South Fulton from Fulton County, Fulton County Transportation Staff continues to provide maintenance activities for the new city," officials said in a statement. "Fulton County transportation staff are working closely with the City of South Fulton Code Enforcement staff to handle this issue."