KILLEEN, TX -- At 6:19 p.m., off-duty Killeen Police officers and security inside the Killeen Mall reported a large fight in the food court.

According to Killeen Police, 30-45 adults and juveniles were reportedly involved.

Multiple on-duty police units arrived at the scene to assist and restore order. According to a press release from Killeen PD, as officers arrived, the crowd dispersed, but numerous smaller groups continued to fight inside the food court and also outside the building.

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(Courtesy): Ashley Long
(Courtesy): Ashley Long

Initial reports to police of the incident stated there were shots fired, but officers were unable to verify the report. Due to the unverified shots fired report, several first responding officers formed a quick react team and swept the entire mall searching for possible armed suspects or potential victims. Police were unable to locate either, according to the release.

The initial officers on scene were able to identify some of the instigators involved in the fight, police said.

As additional units arrived, a vehicle with persons from the riot was pointed out to police, and was pulled over. Officers located two firearms in the car, one of which was stolen out of Austin, according to police. Five people from the vehicle were taken into custody, police said.

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<p>(Courtesy): Ashley Long</p>

As officers dealt with the car, three more males approached the officers, and were also arrested.

The 4 adults and 4 juveniles were arrested for rioting, according to Killeen Police Commander Alex Gearhart. All eight individuals, seven of whom were male, were booked on riot charges, police said. The lone female was also charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon, according to law enforcement.

According to KPD, in the State of Texas, a fight involving more than seven people constitutes riot charges.

No injuries or property damage were reported by the police.