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'Package has arrived': Police say no one injured after runaway Amazon van rolls into house

Police took pictures to show how far the van had to go in order to slam squarely through the front door of a different home this week.
Credit: Roswell Police Department
Amazon Prime van into Roswell, Georgia home

ROSWELL, Ga. — A home in Roswell received an unwelcome delivery earlier this week that would be hard to believe if there weren't photos to prove it.

Roswell Police shared them along with a basic description of how an Amazon Prime delivery van ended up flying backward into a home it wasn't even delivering to.

"A delivery truck had apparently suffered a parking-brake failure and rolled backward from a driveway across the street, striking the front door of a residence with the accuracy [of] a 300-club bowler," police said online, Saturday.

Two photos show why the out-of-control van's accuracy was so surprising since it not only rolled up a long driveway but managed to slam through the front door dead-center.

Despite the somewhat controlled chaos that erupted, police said no one was injured.

It's perhaps because of this, the department was comfortable sharing the oddity alongside a play on words anyone who receives home deliveries is likely acquainted with.

"DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: Package has arrived," the post said. "LOCATION: Inside your living room."

Credit: Roswell Police Department
The driveway of a home where an Amazon Prime van backed into home