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Roswell apartment complex residents: AC has not worked for weeks

Residents said not having working AC units has physically taken a toll on them.

ROSWELL, Ga. — Residents at a Roswell apartment complex said they have lived for weeks without working air conditioning units. 

Multiple residents at Crest at Riverside Apartments renamed Grace at Roswell, didn't want to reveal their identities but told 11Alive what it has been like living without air conditioning.

“You wake up and you have sweats, like literally like you’re drenched in sweat," one person said.

“Its horrible especially with the children the way that it is and the older folks that’s as old as I am you have to have something at nighttime to keep you cool to keep your body temperature down," the tenant said.

“I didn’t have a screen on any of my windows so I couldn’t even open the windows to get fresh air in. The only I could do is leave my front door open and you know, I one wants to do that and you can’t do that all day." another tenant said.

Residents sent 11Alive pictures and videos of what they say shows a host of repair issues they have with the complex. But they tell us that not having working AC units has taken a toll on them physically. 

Some say they had to take matters into their own hands.

“I had to go out and purchase two window units," a tenant said, "and it was hard because you had to try to figure out how to put them in yourself." 

11Alive contacted the property manager, who promptly emailed us back, addressing the “mass number of residents currently without AC."  The manager said the complex has purchased “portable AC and window units” they are working on getting to residents. The manager also said delivery delays have resulted in residents not receiving relief fast enough.

Some residents told 11Alive they have seen some of the portable units being rolled out, but they have not made their way to all residents just yet, meaning more hot days and nights for residents still waiting in line.

It’s important to note that Georgia law does not require landlords to provide tenants with air conditioning. But if they do, they are responsible for keeping it in working order. 

However, renters should keep paying rent even if repairs aren’t being made. For anyone who stops, the landlord can begin the process of eviction. 

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