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Warrant: Roswell murder suspect had history of physically abusing mother of his children

Roswell Police are searching for Fabien Perry after officers said he killed his girlfriend.

ROSWELL, Ga. — Police records show that a man accused of killing his 23-year-old girlfriend, Johana Samantha "Samy" Cabrales-Hernandez, late Tuesday night, July 5, had a history of physically abusing her, according to what police say the woman's family reported. Now police are working to take him into custody.

Roswell Police Department officers are searching for Fabien Malik Perry after investigators said he shot and killed Cabrales-Hernandez in the townhouse they shared, then took their two small children to the home of the children's aunt, dropped them off at the front door, and drove away.

Officers obtained a warrant for Perry's arrest Wednesday after they got a call just after midnight, July 6, about a woman hurt at a home along Old Ferry Way. 

Records show a person called 911 screaming for help from the home and a woman was heard distressed on the line as well. They reported a gunshot victim was heavily bleeding with much of it coming from her face, Perry's warrant states.

Police said when arrived they found Cabrales-Hernandez dead from a gunshot wound, and learned the caller was a younger cousin of Cabrales-Hernandez. The other woman was identified as the victim's mother. 

Perry's warrant adds that he lived with Cabrales-Hernandez and shares two children with her.

Her family was concerned for her welfare after the two young children were abruptly dropped off at a family member's home "by a yet unidentified person," later identified by family as Perry, officers said.

According to police records, Cabrales-Hernandez's sister heard a knock around 12:05 a.m. and opened the door to find her niece and nephew on her doorstep. The men living at the home searched outside to see who dropped off the children, but only noted a red vehicle leaving the area, records show.

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Investigators said there is doorbell surveillance video that shows a man approaching the door and knocking on it several times before dropping off the children and running off. The family says the man depicted in the video is Perry, a warrant states. The man is described as wearing a blue ski mask, a blue or purple t-shirt, dark pants and what appear to be white Nike Air Force Ones.

After checking if the children were OK, the family went to Cabrales-Hernandez's home where they found her dead. 

The warrant details that the 23-year-old's body was found on the second floor of the townhome in the master bedroom. Evidence depicts there was a physical altercation where the woman's body was found near holes in the drywall that seem consistent with a body being thrown into the wall, police said. An officer also describes bloody shoe-prints leading from the bedroom to the other bedroom where the children slept, according to police narrative. 

Police said evidence pointed to Perry as the suspect. 

In interviews with Cabrales-Hernandez's family members, they informed officers of Perry's history of abusing her dating back to 2019, records show, and noted that in October, 2021, Perry made local news reports for a road rage incident in which he was charged with getting out of his car and punching another driver in her face at a red light. That incident was in Alpharetta and police had not located and arrested Perry in connection with those charges. 

The family notes that Perry was short-tempered and once, according to the warrant, choked Cabrales-Hernandez unconscious. Ultimately, Cabrales-Hernandez stayed to work on the relationship, for the sake of their children, according to her family. 

Apart from the couple's history, family members also said Perry owned a "Draco" which is known to be a modified AK-47-style rifle, and worked gig jobs through HomeAdvisor, noting he travels often, an incident report reads.

Several law enforcement agencies are now searching for Perry. He stands at 5-feet and 8-inches tall and weighs around 165 pounds. Police believe he's driving a red four-door Honda Civic.

Authorities added there's a strong possibility that Perry may have fled the state. They believe he could be in Frederick, Maryland, Wilmington, Delaware, Charlotte, North Carolina or Columbia, South Carolina. 

Anyone who sees him is urged to call 911.

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