SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — The city of Sandy Springs has a new plan to cut down on excessive false alarm calls that will begin next month.

In the presentation posted on the city's website, they have more than 14,000 registered alarm users - including business and residential properties - and they generate about 9.570 calls per year to the 911 Center. About 99.5 percent of those calls are false alarms.  

Some say this takes away from emergency crews being able to respond to true emergencies. They've tried outreach efforts such as meeting with alarm companies and connecting with homeowners association groups.

Now, they are taking things a step further. Last year, the city implemented the verified response for these calls. However, the amendment to the ordinance, which passed Tuesday night, requires alarm companies "submit audio or video evidence of an attempted or actual crime no more than 24 hours after the request for and dispatch of emergency services in response to an intrusion alarm."

This is a part of the "true verification" process. 

Other options listed as confirmation can come from a private guard at the alarm site or confirmation by the alarm user through self-monitored audio or video equipment.

If the rule is violated, a fine could be issued. The changes to the ordinance are expected to begin June 19.