Don't you hate spending money on auto repairs? Some Do-it-Yourselfers are saving by recycling used parts!

Americans are keeping their cars much longer than they did four years ago, so some are easing the pain of repair bills by buying salvage parts at Pull-a-Part Used Auto Parts.

Mykinnis Radcliff is a regular who said he pays a fraction of what new parts would cost. "We're switching out a motor from a 96 Chevy Pickup truck," said Radcliff as he shopped for a set of fuel injectors.

Pull-a-Part Used Auto Parts started in Georgia but is now located in several states across the country. " We have people coming in every day saving 50 to 75 percent on alternators, starters and engines. People save huge amounts of money," he said.

He said Pull a Part is more user friendly than many salvage yards because it has a computerized system customers can access from home to find whether the part they need is in stock and which of 2000 vehicles it's on. There are also computers on site.

The company has won several awards from environmental organizations for recycling.

Shoppers must bring their own tools and wear closed toe shoes. Children are not permitted. Click here to find one of the four stores in Georgia.

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