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No, Georgia’s sex education will not change because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade

Here’s what our sources said.

ATLANTA — The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade has brought up tons of questions for Georgians including one about the fate of sex education in the state. 

11Alive looked into the facts to see if the high court's decision will affect what's taught in Georgia schools.


Does this decision change sex education in Georgia?  

Our Sources

  • Georgia's department of education  

  • Dr. Keri Hill with Georgia campaign for adolescent power and potential (GCCAP)  

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The Answer

This is false.

What we found

In Georgia, the Department of Education requires that sex education:  

  • Emphasize abstinence   

  • Be age appropriate  

And it does not require talk about contraception or abortion. 

GCCAP, works to implement comprehensive sex education in schools across the Peach State.  

“It's so important for more and more schools to revisit what is being delivered,” Hill said. “And make sure that they are selecting curriculum options that are based on research and that are delivered with comfort.” 

Hill said that change may not happen after the supreme court's decision, but more educational awareness is needed.  

“We have the opportunity to provide our young people with the critical information they need.” 

So, we can verify: We will not see direct changes right now to sex ed in Georgia, but maybe in the future.  

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