UPDATE: A body has been found near the area where the baby was reported missing. Click here for the latest updates


The search continues for a 2-week-old infant reported missing from the Eagle Point Trailer Park.

The baby, Caliyah McNabb, was reported missing by her parents, Courtney Bell and Chris McNabb, Saturday morning.

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According to Newton County Sheriff's Capt. Keith Crum, the parents reported that the child was fine at 5 am when they fed and changed her, but when they went to check on the child at 10 am, she was missing from the bedroom.

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Little Caliyah was born premature on Sept. 23 and weighs only about 5 pounds.

"I'm trying to take care of my kids and my mind is wrapped around what happened could this have happened," said Megan Sorrells, Caliyah's aunt. "I went through this house and tore this house to pieces. Dirty clothes, cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, toilets ... I even climbed up under this trailer because I finally got to thinking the worst has happened to this little girl."

Police say the parents volunteered to go to the sheriffs office for questioning and were released without charges.

"I looked in all these garbage cans," Sorrells said. "You shouldn't have to go to a garbage can to find a baby. I know this is crazy but I mean, it's just crazy to think someone came in this house in the middle of the night and took her.

"It's getting harder because I really hoped to hear something," Sorrells said. "I was hoping she would be found."

Crum said police have canvassed the area and used a search dog to track the baby's scent to about a mile away from the trailer park before coming back.

Deputies have interviewed both parents and other relatives, and, according to Crum, everyone has been cooperative throughout their investigation.

He indicated that they would continue their investigation, despite the potential incoming severe weather.