It's a wreck almost too extreme to imagine that trapped a driver, injured and upside down, in her car. And worse yet, the driver responsible left - and hasn't been found.

As of Thursday afternoon, the victim Chardonae Sims is still in the hospital and police still have few clues. Now, 11Alive is speaking with the family who is still trying to understand why someone would do this to their daughter.

"Getting there and seeing the car flipped upside down, my heart sank," Biblica Huff said. "Seeing her actually covered in blood, her hand is bleeding."

Biblica's daughter was hanging upside down and struggling to get out of the car.

"She was trying to stick her hand out the window to let them know, hey, I'm in here and all she heard was tires screeching off," she said.

Biblica and Jay Huff said their daughter Chardonae Sims was hit around 4 a.m. on New Snapfinger Woods Road.

"She says the car was swerving on the opposite side of the road and hit her on the driver's side and it flipped her car into the railing," Biblica said.

She was on her way to pick up a coworker then head to work at Krispy Kreme not far away.

"I don't understand why people don't have the decency to check another human being, my daughter could have been dead," Biblica said.

Biblica said she tried to understand what reasons a person would have to leave someone alone and injured. But she can't.

"It's very inhumane for someone to just leave someone on the side of the road no matter what was going on," she said. "Whether they were drunk, whether they were on drugs or if they didn't have insurance, they didn't have insurance, they just left her so I'm very frustrated with that."

The Huffs hope someone saw something that could help police.

"This could happen to someone else, that person is still out there on the road not knowing how many times this has happened and it needs to stop before they seriously injure or kill someone," Jay said.

The family said Chardonae had surgery Thursday afternoon to correct nerve damage in her hand. Anyone with information on the crash is asked to contact police.