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Sinkhole opens up at Marietta Condominiums, residents in 70 units unable to park near homes

Residents said the sinkhole has blocked off vehicle traffic to over 70 homes.

MARIETTA, Ga. — A sinkhole is blocking off dozens of residents from driving to their homes in Marietta. 

More than 70 units are currently blocked off from their homes as crews work to repair the damage caused by a sinkhole at the Brantley Ridge Condominium complex.

Some residents said they're having to park a half of a mile away while they wait for the roadway to be repaired. 

One resident said he was blocked off the roadway with his truck within minutes of noticing the hole Wednesday night. 

"I just thought let's not let anyone fall in and let’s not let any cars fall in," he said.

On the surface the hole is only a few feet wide, but those keeping any eye on the opening said beneath the ground they believe the hole is as wide as the roadway.

Some residents said it's causing them a lot of stress.

"I'll probably just have to leave for the weekend until they figure it out because I don’t want my daughters to see me all freaking out," one resident said.

A spokesperson with the management company said they don't have a statement right now, but are working to get the roadway fixed.

Residents tell us while it's created an inconvenience for many, they're making the best of it and coming together as a community to get by until it's repaired.

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