ATLANTA – The long line outside and the assembly line inside to feed hundreds of the homeless it might seem to be the work of a charity. Instead, it's the work of one man's charitable vision.

Anthony Hamilton has made this a family tradition every year on the day before Thanksgiving.

"You never know why somebody is in the situation they're in, but we're all human and we all deserve a Thanksgiving," Hamilton said.

Hamilton is a working dad from Conyers. He raised every dollar that gives away 500 hot dinners each year.

Hamilton says his inspirations come from his own childhood, knowing what it was to be hungry, unsure and in need. He says along his road, good people have given him help.

"They did so much to give me the opportunity to be the person I am today, I want to teach my kids the same thing," Hamilton said.

His 9 and 13 year old sons are paying attention.

A good reminder from one person's thankful heart.