LITHONIA, Ga. — Firefighters battled a huge fire that spread swiftly, damaging five homes Friday evening. Now, two teens are in custody accused of causing it.

DeKalb County Fire Capt. Deon Bentley said they were called to a house fire on Wellborn Creek Drive near Lithonia, Friday evening. One man who lives in the neighborhood said he was outside with his family when he noticed the flames.

"I just saw the most intense puff of smoke I ever saw in my life," Kasseem Stevens said. "It was like a football field of smoke almost. It was incredible."

Fire in DeKalb County
DeKalb Fire

When crews arrived on the scene, they said more than 50 percent of the home had already been taken over by the flames.

"There was a house to the left and the right of the structure that was starting to be involved in the fire," Bentley said. "The decision was made to focus the attentions on the house to both the left and the right side of the structure."

Even through those efforts, the flames traveled quickly. 

"These flames were so hot and were wind-driven that even the houses across the street the siding started to melt on those houses," he added."We had five houses involved with fire."

Neighbors were concerned about their homes as the fire grew.

The home where the blaze started was vacant and was destroyed, according to the fire department. The homes across the street only suffered cosmetic damage, Bentley said. No one was hurt during the fire, but this did leave a few people displaced.

Stevens said he couldn't believe what he was watching.

"It looked like hell," he said. "It looked like a scene from hell." 

He said he could feel the heat from the fire as he walked down the street.

"I saw a raging inferno, everything was ablaze," he added. "It was the biggest  fire I've ever seen in my life."

Another person said he's glad no injuries were reported.

"Blessed man, that's amazing, cause how bad it was, I am happy that nobody was hurt," Amarri Stevens said 

The cause has since been ruled a probable arson and two teens, who have not been named, have been charged. Detectives are still looking for at least four more teens in their investigation.