STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- After a manhunt throughout the morning, DeKalb Police have found a suspect accused of exchanging gunfire with an officer in a park.

According to police, Sharif Thompson shot at a police officer after he came upon their car parked in Hariston Park around 1:30 Thursday morning. Thompson was in the car with a woman and when police identified him, they discovered that he had several warrants out for his arrest from New York.

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In an attempt to escape, the suspect and officer exchanged gunfire, but no one was hit. The suspect fled on foot and the woman who was with him was arrested. She identified as an acquittance of the suspect and was later released without being charged.

Police began a manhunt for the suspect throughout the foggy morning. That's when the suspect allegedly found shelter in the home of an unsuspecting elderly man.

"He fled the scene on foot where he was holed up at a residence for several hours and then he was able to make his way to the hotel here on Memorial drive," DeKalb County Police's Public Information Officer Shiera Campbell said.

Police said Thompson took the resident hostage but did not harm him.

Thompson is also accused of stealing the resident's vehicle to drive to a motel on Memorial Drive.

The U.S. Marshall and DeKalb Police were able to track him to the Haven Hotel Extended Stay late Tuesday morning where he was found inside a room with two other people.

Thompson was taken into custody in what Campbell described as a "smooth" arrest. There were no additional shots fired and no injuries reported.

He is now charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon here in Georgia. More charges are pending. These are in addition to his warrants in New York.