BREMEN, Ga. -- The calm often follows the storm, but in this case it was found amidst the storm for several local high school students.

On Wednesday, severe storms and tornadoes swept through the metro Atlanta-area, forcing several schools to shelter their students in place while they waited for the weather to pass.

Bremen High School students were some of those that had to do just that. But instead of showing fear, the students decided to raise their voices together in efforts to remain calm.

As the storms rolled through, they sang well-known Christmas song "Mary Did You Know." The spontaneous act was caught on video and posted to Facebook where, as of Wednesday night, it had been shared more than 2,500 times.

"Who's afraid during a tornado watch/warning," the post reads. "Not me because I'm reassured and reminded today that Mary's baby boy has got this!"

The post has captured the attention of Facebook users, many of whom are calling the song beautiful. "It's a blessing that they were singing this song. It sounds so much better than fear and being scared," another post read."

There were three radar-confirmed tornadoes reported during Wednesday's severe weather, which caused spotty damage and power outages across the Metro, but these students seemed to take it all in stride.

UPDATE: The students stopped by 11Alive's Can-A-Thon coverage. Watch below:

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