COLUMBUS, Ga. – A Columbus police officer was shot Friday afternoon at a home in the 3300 block of Hilton Avenue.

NBC station WLTZ said the shooting suspect barricaded himself inside the home where the shooting took place.

Authorities from the Columbus Police Department and the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, surrounding the home as they tried to determine if anyone else was inside.

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The Ledger-Enquirer newspaper in Columbus reports that the suspect, later identified as Daniel Ray Crisp, was finally arrested around 6 p.m. and charged with burglary.

The officer, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was treated and released with severe bruising and soreness.

He was one of three officers who entered the home in response to a burglary alarm, the Ledger-Enquirer reports. When he entered the bedroom, police believe Crisp shot him.

SWAT teams then responded and authorities attempted to negotiate with the suspect but were unsuccessful.

The paper reports that authorities were eventually forced to use flash bang devices to distract the suspect as they entered from another location where they cleared the house room-by-room and used gas to flush Crisp out.

Schools in the immediate vicinity of the home where the shooting took place were placed on what is called “secure alert,” meaning everyone has to show identification upon entering the building. The schools were not completely locked down, however.

A nearby country club was also cleared with everyone being asked to remain inside the clubhouse.