ATLANTA — Police are searching for an armed robbery suspect after he kidnapped and forced a woman battling cancer to drive him to take money out of her account via an ATM.

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, officers responded to the 2500 block of Shallowford Road for a robbery call. When officers arrived, they met with the woman, Caitlin Hill, at her residence.

Hill told 11Alive she was leaving her apartment at 6:50 a.m. for her teaching job when she realized she forgot her glasses inside her room. She went back inside to retrieve them but when she returned to her car, she was approached by a suspect armed with a black handgun.

"At first, I said 'Excuse me?' and then I realized he was robbing me," Hill told only 11Alive's Christie Ethridge. "I only had $8 on me and he told me that wasn't enough."

That's when the suspect forced her to get in the car and told her not to scream.

Hill did as she was told and got on the passenger side of her car. The suspect got into the driver's seat and drove to a nearby SunTrust ATM located at 4166 Buford Highway, but not before he told her to buckle up.

The strange encounter continued to unfold, as Hill described to the suspect how she teaches her fourth-grade students about her expectations for them to be good citizens.

"I started to make him feel horrible by telling him that my fourth-graders are taught to be good people and to never do things like this, and how he's setting a horrible example for my students," Hill recounted.

During the drive to the ATM, Hill said the suspect had his mask on the entire time he drove, passing by dozens of cars along the way. He also allegedly told her that "she shouldn't of gone back in and should of just drove off" and that he was "watching her " and that "it could have been worse because he could have raped" her.

When they arrived at the ATM, the suspect drove in through the out lane, in front of a security guard. Hill said he didn't tell her how much money to withdraw, so she asked whether $400 was OK. After he got the money, they both drove back to her residence and pulled up next to a dumpster where the suspect then asked Hill if he could wait an hour before calling police. She told him no. Then, even more bizarrely, he asked for "a hug" before he left her. She told him no again. After that, the suspect took off. Hill was not hurt.

Police are searching for the suspect, who was wearing a black beanie, a black mask, black gloves, black clothing and black shoes.