UPDATE: An anonymous donor just donated $23,000 to their GoFundMe account. Read more here.

ATLANTA -- They may be little boys, but they play like men. The Atlanta Bulldogs are age 9 and under.

In the last four years, they have won 60 games straight. Volunteer Coach Steven McClendon is part of that success. 

“I have a special group of kids that love football and love to work hard every day," he said.

Although they do the work, the winning starts in the classroom. They believe education comes first. 

But the clock is running out on these Bulldogs to reach their ultimate goal this year. They’ve been invited to a national championship game in Miami, Florida next month. Their biggest opposition is $23,000.

They must raise that amount by next Wednesday for travel, lodging, food, and equipment. They’re about $22,000 short of the goal line. 

atl bulldogs

“Most of these come from underprivileged homes and to show them something different than what they encounter in there every day lives it’s a great opportunity for them and will show them what hard work will get them," one parent said.

The young players are grateful for what family and friends have given so far.

“We’ve got a good organization," one player said. 

An online fundraising campaign has been set up on GoFundMe's website.


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