CALHOUN, Ga. -- A woman has been arrested for allegedly striking a pet dog with a frying pan.

Alyssa Renae Duvall was charged with animal cruelty by authorities in Gordon County. Duvall was under investigation after witnesses reported the incident on March 14.

A 16-second video of the incident was posted on social media and has animal activists and dog lovers outraged.

According to the incident report, Duvall was punishing the dog after "it urinated on the floor" and then bit Duvall’s mom. Yet it was Duvall’s mother who called the cops on her.

Neighbors of Duvalls, who also live on Highland Drive, said they've also seen the video.

"It is hard to watch it," Dreama Ranow said. "We don’t believe in that kind of abuse here and I think there are a lot of people who do not believe it."

Some on social media are asking why the witness who videotaped the incident isn’t also being charged. 11Alive's Duffie Dixon asked the sheriff’s office that question, but a spokesperson said there was nothing further to be released.

As for the dog, officers who went to the house say they did not observe any visible injuries.

Neighbors now wonder if Duvall will be allowed to keep the pet.

"It’s the same as hitting a kid or an elderly person -- it can’t defend itself," Ranow said. "The sad part is that it will go right back and love her again because pets are loyal. That's what they do."

For now, the dog remains with Gordon County Animal Services. Duvall was later released on $1,000 bond.

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