Her name is Jocelyn.

She costs 85 million dollars.

She weighs 90 tons and will save people's lives.

Jocelyn is a Cyclotron. Manufactured in Germany, she traveled on a barge to Savannah and arrived in Atlanta around 11:00 Wednesday night via police escort.

Dozens showed up to captured her arrival to Georgia's new Proton Treatment Center in midtown.

The center's president, Ashley Preisinger, said Jocelyn is a new energy source that will help cancers patients.

"Proton therapy is very accurate and it delivers all of its energy on the cancers tumor and spares the healthy tissue so it reduces the side effects tremendously. This beam will travel through a beam-line through the spine of our building and will ultimately go through different treatment rooms to deliver radiation to the patients," she said.

There are approximately 25 treatment centers in the U.S. and approximately 60 centers worldwide. The Emory Proton Therapy Center will be the only facility of its kind in Georgia and one of only three in the Southeast.

"Now cancer patients won't have to leave the state Georgia to get the best radiation therapy treatment possible," Preisinger said.

The center will also attract professionals in the cancer treatment industry.

"In the next year as we reach full operational capacity this center will be called the Emory Proton Therapy Center. Emory will be our clinical partner in that the majority of the positions here will be leased from Emory. All of the radiation oncologist, radiation therapist, medical positions will be procured from Emory."

Financing to finish the project was done by a tax-exempt bond transaction.

The facility is scheduled to open in late 2018.

Jocelyn was named by her equipment maker, Varian Medical Systems Inc.

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