No one can melt your heart the way Officer Tommy Norman can. The North Little Rock police officer has an incredible passion to care for his community that can't be matched, but it's the love for his soon-to-be wife that will make you love him even more.

After proposing to his girlfriend Rosalynd Guiden, Norman spoke with Essence on how they met and how he knew she was the one.

Of all the places to meet the love of your life, Norman said the pair met inside a Walgreens in May 2014.

"We were on the same aisle," Norman told Essence. "We had never, honestly, we had never met. She was actually aware of me from social media."

The two exchanged numbers after the meeting, but Norman had to win the respect and love of Rosalynd's 5-year-old son Riley first. When Rosalynd saw how well he and her son got along, it was clear that he was "the one."

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"When I realized Tommy loved Riley as much as he loved me, I knew he was the one for me," she said.

Norman said Riley's personality is infectious and it was important to make the child feel comfortable and safe.

"[He knows] that I would take care of her," Norman said, "and not just keep her safe, but keep him safe as well."

He said one "key moment" that helped him understand Rosalynd was the one was her dedication to support his efforts in the community. Whenever he would tell her about an event, she would make it a point to be there and support Norman.

It's love like this that will make you shed a few happy tears!

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