ATLANTA -- It was bound to happen.

On Monday, Atlanta said good-bye to the city's historic Georgia Dome as it was blasted into a pile of rubble and smoke.

MULTIPLE ANGLES | Watch the Georgia Dome implosion

The whole city was watching, including a curious MARTA bus driver who saw the implosion beginning and rolled to a stop so they and passengers could watch the building come tumbling down. Unfortunately for one Weather Channel cameraman, that happened to block his perfect shot of the implosion.

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The video has since gone viral, and, of course, it's become the Internet's latest meme.

Folks couldn't get over the bus' perfect timing.

And wondered about that cameraman's health.

They also couldn't help but take shots at Atlanta's other public transit methods.

Even other Atlanta/Georgia-centric Twitter accounts poked a little fun:

Others wondered if it was the work of Atlanta's sports curse.

The bus even has its own parody Twitter account, because, of course. The good news is that the MARTA bus apologized and seems to have been forgiven by the Weather Channel. So it looks like no hard feelings.

Asking for a friend.

— Georgia Dome Implosion Bus (@GeorgiaDomeBus) November 21, 2017

Relive the whole experience frame-by-frame:

Here's an aerial view of the implosion:

See it in 360 degrees:

#TheLateFeed -- move that bus!