An ambitious project will hope to connect downtown and Midtown through a portion of highway on the Downtown Connecter.

Or rather, a portion of highway above the Downtown Connector.

The long-term project referred to as "The Stitch" would "create urban greenspace and foster new development both atop and adjacent to the platform," according to Central Atlanta Progress, the nonprofit behind the idea.

The area highlighted in the proposal begins at the Civic Center MARTA Station on West Peachtree Street and stretches to Piedmont Avenue.

"Between downtown and midtown this is a spot that has some real opportunity," said A.J. Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress.

The 14-acre concert decking would cover just about three-quarters of I-75/85 and provide new space for parks as well as residential buildings and office towers.

The organization goes on to say:

Above all, the project will fill the void between Downtown and Midtown, disjointed years ago due to construction of the interstate. The "re-stitching" of the neighborhoods will bring about a unified central business district for the City of Atlanta.

Similar projects were done in Dallas, Klyde Warren Park, and Boston, "The Big Dig", however The Stitch would be larger than both.

"I think people in Atlanta are used to these kinds of aspirational projects and want to see them done," Robinson said.

There is currently no construction schedule for the project and early estimates indicate the price tag will be around $300 million.

PHOTOS | Concept art of "The Stitch"