HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- On Wednesday morning, Atlanta rapper and entertainer T.I. was arrested outside of his gated community.

CATCH UP | Rapper T.I. arrested outside of his gated community in Henry County

Now, authorities have released the 911 call placed by the security guard that would eventually lead to the arrest. The 911 call begins when T.I. is apparently walking back down to the guard shack after the guard lets him through the gate.

Euwan James, the security guard, tells the 911 operator that he does not know who the man is but that he threatened him.

In the background of the call you can hear a voice that sounds like the rapper asking him to open the door and tell him his name.

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“What’s your name, sir?” T.I. asks over and over again.

He says, “I own property here, you report to me, sir.”

The 911 operator tells James to ignore him.

Among other charges, T.I was charged with simple assault. However, the 911 operator asked James if their altercation got physical. A transcript of the exchange is below.

911 operator: “Has it been physical?”

James: “Not at this time.”

The call ends when police arrive. After that, T.I. and the friend that was with him are arrested.