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Tips before leaving your job as 'great resignation' continues

Thousands of people have been part of the "Great Resignation," but you don't want to leave money on the table.

ATLANTA — As the “Great Resignation” continues, there are things you need to know before leaving your job.

There are common sense steps you should take before voluntarily quitting any job. One is to like give your boss at least two weeks notice.

The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table.

Lance Palmer of UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences said it’s important to check on the retirement plan of the company you’re leaving. If you leave before you’re fully vested in that plan, it could cost you.

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“I may not be fully vested in the matching contributions as well as the earnings associated with those matching contributions,” Palmer said. “I want to make sure where I’m vested.”

Ask about any vacation, overtime, or sick pay you may have accrued.

And there’s insurance.

If you’ve paid into a Flexible Spending Account, Palmer said that will not follow you to another job.

“I want to make sure I use that money before I leave,” Palmer added. “So maybe it’s new eyeglasses, a dental checkup, braces for the kids.”

Leave on friendly terms. A well written resignation letter can help with that.

Experts say it’s important to do all you can not to burn any bridges.

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